Seattle King County First Citizen Award

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2018 Seattle-King County First Citizen Award

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

History of the Award

In 1939, years of economic hardship during the Great Depression had taken a toll on the spirit and morale of the people of Seattle. In response, REALTORS® sought to boost public sentiment and brighten our outlook by drawing attention to the positive community and civic work taking place throughout the region.

To that end, REALTORS® commissioned Seattle artist Dudley Pratt to sculpt an expression of the great work that can be accomplished by those who support the needs of the people, a work emblematic of “those who seek first to serve our citizens.” Each year since, the Seattle King County REALTORS® have presented the First Citizen Award as an expression of gratitude to those who devote themselves to the well-being and prosperity of our community.

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Past Recipients

First Citizen recipients hail from humanitarian organizations, charitable and educational institutions, art groups, environmental causes and other civic endeavors.

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2017 Award

The 79th Annual Seattle First Citizen Award luncheon honoring Bill & Jill Ruckelshaus was held at the Sand Point Country Club on Tues May 9, 2017.

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2016 Award

The 78th Annual Seattle First Citizen Award Banquet honoring Phyllis Campbell was held at the Fairmont Hotel on Wed May 25, 2016.

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2015 Award

The 77th Annual Seattle First Citizen Award Banquet honoring Ted Baseler was held at the Fairmont Hotel on Thursday May 28, 2015.

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