Green Home Advisor was created by Seattle King County REALTORS® as part of the association’s ongoing effort to add value to your REALTOR® membership and the services you provide to your clients.

We invite you to take advantage of Green Home Advisor, a timely resource you can “brand” as your own and provide to current and prospective clients as a value-added service.

This tool is designed so REALTOR® members can personalize it with their name, photo, and contact information. Watch this video for more information and instructions, or click here to register.

The innovative site is begging to get noticed by other REALTOR® organizations around the county and was featured in the Spring 2011 issue of REALTOR® AE Magazine.  Additionally, NAR approved a funding grant to SKCR in order to make website improvements.

Green Home Advisor is filled with practical information and links for creating energy smart homes and enjoying the benefits such homes provide. We’ve tried to make it easy to navigate, easy to upload and easy to personalize.

Please visit the basic public-facing website here,

Once there, you will find sections on increasing the energy efficiency of your home, home energy audits, “deals, rebates and incentives,” energy smart homes, and tips for designing and remodeling. The site is chock-full of useful information about home improvements for saving energy, reducing a home’s carbon footprint and saving money on energy bills.

Site Features

Check out some of the tools you can take advantage of with Green Home Advisor

Energy calculators

Use these, to estimate your energy and cost savings by using energy-efficient products.

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Track your project

Make a green home improvement to-do list and track your progress.

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