Notice of Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the SEATTLE KingCounty REALTORS® shall be held on November 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM at the offices of the Association, 12410 SE 32nd Street, Bellevue Washington, 98005.

There will be one item of business at the meeting, the ratification of an amendment to Article XI, Section 6 of the Association’s bylaws, regarding procedures for filling vacancies to the Board of Directors.

The Association’s bylaws provide that amendments adopted by the Board of Directors shall be ratified by a vote of the membership at the next annual meeting.

The Board adopted one amendment on May 7 of this year, requiring that vacancies to the Board of Directors be filled by appointment of the President and ratified by a super majority – 60% – of the Board. Appointees to the Board shall serve for the remainder of the term of office.

The following amendment shall be presented to the membership for ratification at the annual meeting.

ARTICLE XI, Section 6. Vacancies. Appointments to vacancies among the Officers and the Board of Directors shall be recommended by the President and filled by a sixty per cent (60%) simple majority vote of the Board of Directors, and shall serve for the remainder of the term of office until the next annual election.

Members who wish to attend the meeting are asked to email Lara McNulty  or register online (no cost) to ensure adequate space.