King County Deputy Executive Commends REALTORS®


Fred Jarrett, Deputy County Executive, Metropolitan King County spoke to our REALTOR® government & public affairs committee about county issues that impact real estate sales.

Jarrett, a former state legislator, city council member and school board member, and architect of many reforms in Executive Dow Constantine’s administration, praised the REALTORS® for their community involvement. During the meeting with REALTORS® serving the governmental affairs committee, Jarrett stated, “Thank you for the work you do in making this a great place in which to live and supporting those who make the decisions regarding the future of our community.”

Jarrett briefed the committee on several strategies to bring private sector practices to the public sector as a path to boost efficiency and reduce costs. He discussed budgeting during the recession, developing “product catalogs” for the county’s 55 lines of business, implementing streamlined accounting system, and transitioning the culture of King County government to become more business friendly with performance measuring and forecasting.