REALTORS® Wary of Converting HOV to Toll Lanes of I-405

Seattle King County REALTORS® were asked their opinion of the Washington Transportation plan to implement toll lanes on I-405 from Bellevue to Lynnwood. Over 600 replied to a recent email survey. 65% disagreed that converting HOV lanes to toll lanes was a good idea (see graphic below) and 80% said that if the conversion occurs, cars with two or more occupants should be able to use the toll lanes without a fee, rather than the State’s proposal that only 3+ occupant vehicles may use the lanes without paying an electronic toll. 87% of respondents said they did some or a great deal of business along I-405. 31% said this change would be a major impact on ability to do business, 25% said they would plan for alternate showing times (not during peak toll times) and 44% said a change would cause no impact or a moderate inconvenience in business.

The Washington Transportation Commission is receiving comments on the plan until March 18 (meetings link).