You Need Inventory to Sell. And Workers Need Homes to Live In.

The SEATTLE King County REALTORS® has embarked on a bold new initiative designed to help ensure the Supply of Housing will be sufficient to meet the Actual Market Demand for Housing.

One of the reasons more homes aren’t available to working families, or to REALTORS®, is that the state’s Growth Management Act (GMA) artificially limits the number of homes that can be built to far less than the number required to satisfy the Actual Market Demand for Housing, especially here in King County.

As the economy recovers and new jobs are created here in King County, the need for new inventory will continue to grow. We’ve reached out to County officials and staff to share some well thought-out ideas for changes to GMA that could help solve this problem. We’re pleased at the reception we’ve received thus far, especially from King County Executive Dow Constantine, Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett, and Regional Planning Director Lauren Smith.

Quality of Life begins with a good job in a company that has a great future…and a home is where that jobs goes at night. At the Association of REALTORS®, we’re working hard to ensure Brokers will have the inventory available that you need to be successful, and that your buyers and their families will have access to the Quality of Life we all treasure.

Read our proposal here: (Letter dated February 18, 2015 – pdf)