Maple Valley Community Investment

maple-valley-waInfrastructure is a foundational “building block” for maintaining healthy communities.  So, over the last year the city of Maple Valley has been finishing the engineering design, financial packaging and bidding activities for infrastructure projects that will be constructed during the coming spring and summer months when the drier weather is conducive to construction activities. 

City Manager Dave Johnston said representative examples include:

  • Storm sewer system improvements in the Cedar Downs neighborhood.  Over the years the system has been filled-in with dirt and debris. Old sewer tiles need to be replaced. And, a couple of the storm sewer ponds need to be retrofitted to meet current legal standards.
  • Replacement of the dock at Lake Wilderness. The current dock was built in the early 1970s and has been compromised through wear and tear, and weathering.  Along with the dock replacement project, Lake Wilderness Park will see an expansion in parking. The Park’s current parking lots cannot handle the increased visits by our growing population.
  • Finally, improvements to Witte Road from 240th to SR 169 will continue the look started with the round-about project a couple years ago. Improved lighting and pedestrian walkways will increase the safety in this area. This is the first time that Maple Valley’s Public Arts Commission has had input into a Public Works project.