Elections in 2015

Laws govern the way in which you conduct your business and affect your bottom line. Laws are made by elected officials. This year elections will be conducted for the county council, city councils throughout King County, Port of Seattle, and one legislative district in King County.

REALTORS® don’t just sell homes. We sell neighborhoods and Quality of Life.

REALTORS® know that Quality of Life begins with a good job in a company that has a great future. Homes are where those jobs go at night. That’s why it’s so important to have elected officials who understand the key contribution that jobs and housing make to healthy, vibrant communities.

We need elected officials who share our REALTOR® values, and who appreciate the hard work you do as a real estate professional. So, members of the Association reviewed voting records of elected officials. And it’s why your REALTOR® colleagues interviewed candidates running for office.

Please watch for your REALTOR® Voting Guide, which will be released in July.