Federal Way Annexation of Lakeland South

Residents of South Lakeland are trying to leave unincorporated King County and become a part of the city of Federal Way. If successful, this would affect the city your listing will be in.

Fed-up with King County’s lack of response to windstorm debris that clogged streets and left families stranded in their own homes, lack of streetlights, lack of code enforcement, and limited services from the Sheriff’s office, residents of the South Lakeland area east of I-5 and south of Hwy 18 are trying to leave unincorporated King County and become part of the city of Federal Way.

Their plan is to have property owners in the area petition to have the change made, which is one of the annexation options allowed under state law.

The potential annexation area includes more than half of Lake Killarney, Pond-A-Luce-A Stables; the Twin Cedar, Killarney Woods and Kloshe Illahee mobile home parks, Rainier View Elementary, Lakeland Elementary, Sequoyah Middle School, Fire Station 61, South King County Baseball Fields, Five Mile Lake and park, and Lake Geneva and park.  Annexation advocates say the owner of a $250,000 home would save about $150 annually in taxes.

A much larger area – which included the Lakeland South area – was proposed for annexation in 2007, but that effort was unsuccessful by a fairly wide margin.  That 2007 proposal for the East Federal Way Proposed Annexation Area would have affected 20,000 people, compared to the 7,000 that live in the Lakeland South area that is the focus of the current annexation effort.  King County supports the current effort which would require the approval of the city of Federal Way.  Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell indicated he is open to the idea.