URGENT: Agent Safety Alert

The following event took place in the Seattle area, but it is alleged that this suspicious person has looked at properties in four different states.

It was brought to the attention of SKCR today that there is a suspicious man, who allegedly goes by the names or pseudonyms Aaron White or GM Goodrich, who is demonstrating threatening behavior towards real estate agents. He has been looking at rental properties in the Seattle area and recently met with agents from Windermere and at least one other company. In both instances, Mr. White made comments about killing real estate agents and animals. He has allegedly only made verbal threats, but the nature of his comments are extremely alarming and raise serious concerns. They include statements such as, “You just met me, don’t have a copy of my license… but here we are meeting at a home in the middle of nowhere. This garage is where I would kill a agent like yourself, perfect place to store the bodies.”

Should anyone receive an inquiry from someone going by Aaron White or GM Goodrich, use extreme caution. The phone number this individual has been using has a 661 area code. Allegedly, in prior cases, his “wife” was also involved in communicating with agents using an 818 area code. The recent incidents have been reported to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, as well as local law enforcement.  Should this individual appear in your market, please notify your local MLS and police with this information.

NAR publishes a number of excellent resources on safety for both offices and individuals at http://www.realtor.org/topics/realtor-safety. The suspect’s statements in this case illustrate again why it’s a good idea, if meeting a new client or prospect for the first time, to insist on meeting at your office, introducing them to another agent or staff member there, and taking a copy of his/her ID as routine precaution. If meeting at the office is not possible, meet in a public place like a coffee shop, and text a picture of their ID back to the office. Make sure they know that somebody else knows where you are and who you’re with. If anyone starts to make you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation and get to safety immediately.

If you are contacted by the individuals described above, or have any additional information, please share it with your the Northwest Multiple Listing Service or local law enforcement immediately.