Celebrating the R® – 100 years of distinction!

An NAR sign from the 60s, found in a 1929 bungalow being rehabbed by member Jason Wall.

An NAR sign from the 60s, found in a 1929 bungalow being rehabbed by member Jason Wall.

100 years ago, the trademark “REALTOR®” was adopted to identify the members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®(NAR). A century later, time and technologies may have changed the industry and how business is conducted, but our members’ strong ideals, commitment to go the extra mile, and their REALTOR® pride haven’t.

The real estate landscape was vastly different one hundred years ago: chaotic, unregulated, and without even the most basic consumer protections, “buyer beware” was the law of the land and purchasing real property was a risk many were unwilling to take. 2016 marks the centennial of the effort REALTORS® have put in to create a regulated and consumer-friendly marketplace.

NAR was founded in 1908 by a revolutionary group of individuals and real estate boards committed to integrity, to their communities, and to protecting the American dream of property ownership. Recognizing the distinction of these members in shaping the future of real estate, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (known as the National Association of Real Estate Boards at the time) unanimously approved a final resolution in 1916 to adopt the term REALTOR® to identify members of the association.

 100 years later, REALTORS® are still making a difference.

Fulfilling the American dream of homeownership is a complex process. It’s a huge undertaking, and REALTORS® are here to help consumers navigate a tough market and guide them in making a smart, informed decision. Only REALTORS® voluntarily subscribe to a Code of Ethics that is founded on professional service and fair treatment. When you’re working with a REALTOR®, you can trust their personal and professional commitment to ensure an agreement that is equitable, and fair to all parties involved. 

Seattle King County REALTORS® history

Though officially founded in 1908 as the Seattle 
Realty Board—one of 19 charter members of the National Association of REALTORS® —it was 1903 when approximately 25 individuals first met to discuss the formation of an association to benefit real estate professionals and the public. Seattle King County REALTORS® has continuously served the Puget Sound residential real estate community, providing members with essential training and resources to be more profitable, productive and protected for more than a decade!

To celebrate, NAR has launched a website for REALTORS® to submit pictures and stories that highlight the work they’ve done across the nation. Here, you can see the meaningful work that all of the REALTORS® around the world have put in. Do you repair dilapidated homes? Volunteer at a local shelter? Maybe your passion is serving veterans, tutoring students, or organizing pledge drives. Submit your story and show the rest of the country who REALTORS® are and what you’re made of.

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