Housing coalition focuses on Eastside affordability

The consensus among industry leaders is that housing affordability will remain a challenge in our region until we produce more housing units of all types. This is a challenge on the Eastside and throughout King County.

Seattle King County REALTORS’ Randy Bannecker and Michael Orbino were guests at a round table discussion last week hosted by Arthur Sullivan, director of A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH). ARCH brought together 20 community stakeholders including representatives from rental associations, non-profit housing developers such as Imagine Housing and DASH, for-profit developers, and industry professionals to discuss solutions to ease the affordable housing crisis in our region specifically focused on the Eastside.

“We need additional housing stock at all price points to alleviate the overwhelming demand created by the rapid job growth we’ve experienced over the past 5 years,” Bannecker stated at the discussion. Seattle King County REALTORS are involved in advocating for more supply and more choices as a way to deal with rising prices in our region.