Twenty Association Past Presidents spanning 45 years shared their experiences

Twenty past presidents of Seattle King County REALTORS®, whose service to the Association spans a period of 45 years, came together at the Seattle Yacht Club last Friday. Bruce Downs (1994) joined the group, traveling from Chicago with his wife and former SKCR CEO, Ginger Downs. Current president, Patti Hill, thanked all those who had served before her in helping to make the Association the success it is today. The group celebrated the 90th birthday of Van Anderson (1993) and welcomed back Gerry Anderson, President in 1971. Each guest shared how they started in real estate and what they are doing today. Keith Nelson (2009) was proud to announce he made his first real estate deal at age 12 while working for his father and Jean Veldwyk (1975) is still serving her clients after 50 years in the business. Lennox Scott, owner of John L. Scott Real Estate now in its 85th year, was happy to let the group know his daughter will likely be the 4th generation in his family to work in real estate. SKCR wishes all its past presidents a healthy and prosperous year.



Front Row left to right: Rose Galloway(1999), Ed Murphy(2000), D’Ann Jackson(2006), Van Anderson(1993), Jean Veldwyk(1975), Alan Tonnon(1989)

Back Row left to right: Tyler McKenzie(2015), Kimberly Brangwin(2004), Gerry Anderson(1971), Phil Souza(1988), Paul McTaggart(1992), Bruce Downs(1994), Bill Hicks(1996), Keith Nelson(2009), Lennox Scott(1985), Colin Radford(1973), Ed Boyle(1983), Ty Rice(1987).

Not pictured: Patti Hill(2016), Joan Probala(2013)