Tri-county REALTORS® take neutral position on $54 billion Sound Transit 3 proposal

REALTOR® leaders representing the tri-county area served by the Seattle King County, the Tacoma Pierce County and the Snohomish County Camano Associations of REALTORS® have voted to take a neutral position on the $54 billion Sound Transit 3 proposal to be considered by voters on the November ballot.

The decision came after three joint meetings of leaders from the associations, who met together to study the proposal and to hear arguments from proponents and opponents of ST3. Since the list of ST3 projects and timelines varies significantly among the three counties, the REALTOR® leaders met to hear each others’ concerns in the hope of arriving at a consensus REALTOR® association position.

After weighing all the arguments for and against, the three associations voted to stay neutral on the ST3 ballot measure, neither endorsing nor opposing it. A full story on the group’s meetings in June, July and August, and a synopsis of key considerations is available here.