2017 Hill Day Series: Governor’s chief of staff, David Postman addresses REALTORS®

IMG_0897David Postman, Chief of Staff to Governor Jay Inslee, addressed over 400 REALTORS® in Olympia on Thursday. REALTORS® from throughout the state held their annual Hill Day to discuss legislative priorities with members of the House and Senate. Postman discussed the Governor’s draft budget, which proposes to raise the B&O tax by 66% on real estate brokerages.

“We know the governor’s budget will not be adopted as introduced,” Postman said. “We want to know other ways to achieve a solution to fully funding education, consistent with the McCleary decision. The Governor is open to other solutions, but what he is not open to is pushing a solution off another year. We encourage you to discuss other solutions on your visits with legislators today.”

Postman also addressed other concerns on the REALTORS® agenda.

“Housing affordability is an issue we want to address. Rising rents are making it much tougher for Washingtonians to find adequate housing. We have to take steps to solve the supply problem in housing. Increasing density in cities is a challenge, but we need to be smarter about how we manage growth. We are encouraged by some of the provisions in the housing bill (SB5254) introduced in the Senate.”

Postman concluded his remarks with some broader comments. “Let’s find areas where we can agree. Let’s not make it all or nothing. We look forward to working with you.”