2005 Seattle First Citizen, Jeffrey Brotman passes

Jeff Brotman paying tribute to Jill and Bill Ruckelshaus, May 2017

The Board of Seattle King County REALTORS® is saddened at the passing of Costco co-founder Jeff Brotman on August 1. Brotman and his wife Susan were the 68th recipients of the Seattle King County First Citizen Award, given in recognition of outstanding community service and leadership in the Puget Sound community.

Brotman was a visionary businessman and partnered with his wife Susan as philanthropists who supported many civic and cultural organizations. While attending the Seattle First Citizen Award presentation in May of 2017, Mr. Brotman gave a memorable tribute to both Jill and Bill Ruckelshaus, the recipients of the 79th First Citizen Award.

Mr. Brotman will be remembered as an inspired leader and innovator.