REALTORS® – Time to focus on safety

You can never be too careful. In today’s world of information sharing, internet leads, and data breaches, safety is more important than ever.

In a clock-hour class held by Coldwell Banker Danforth at The Museum of Flight last week, real estate professionals learned about self-defense and how to set up a safe business. The class covered everything from open house protocols to keeping online information safe.

“It feels like things are getting a bit more dangerous… [P]eople are getting internet leads, phone calls, maybe it’s just an email from someone, and we don’t always have the identity of these folks,” said Sam DeBord, 2017 Seattle King County REALTORS® President. “In these cases, a lot of times agents are asked to meet people they don’t know in homes that are vacant, and there’s a lot of danger there.”

That was the message for over 100 real estate brokers from DeBord and safety instructor Amit Baruch.

Safety is so important, in fact, that it is approved for clock-hours. So, don’t wait until something happens to you or a colleague – start planning today to keep yourself, and your business, safe.

SKCR can help organize onsite safety classes. Contact Claudia Crowell for more information.