NAR leaders discuss new priorities at regional meeting in Columbia Gorge

  • Candidates for 2019 NAR office talk with the audience. Pictured L to R: Charlie Oppler, NAR First Vice President 2019 Candidate; Sherri Meadows, NAR First Vice President 2019 Candidate; John Flor, NAR Treasurer 2019 Candidate

  • State Association 2018 Presidents take the stage for a panel discussion. Pictured from L to R: Rich Mayo, Montana Association of REALTORS®; Raphael Barta, Idaho REALTORS®; Gwen Place, Alaska Association of REALTORS®; Jerry Martin, Washington REALTORS®; Steve Strode, Oregon Association of REALTORS®

The National Association of REALTORS® Region 12 meeting in Skamania last month brought local leaders together with current and future NAR leadership for two days of networking, updates, and idea sharing. Region 12 consists of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

These regional gatherings provide the opportunity to examine important real estate issues and to train upcoming REALTOR® leaders.

“Leaders reach out,” said Vince Malta, NAR’s first Vice President. “There is no substitute for visiting with REALTORS® in their own area to understand what is important.”

Malta is a broker from San Francisco and will guide the national organization in 2020. In his keynote remarks, he outlined the challenges and opportunities the organization will face with the recent passage of tax reform. He also stated his commitment to an NAR that is transparent in its decision-making, a concept that new CEO Bob Goldberg describes as “leadership in the sunshine.”

Washington’s Margo Wheeler, the national REALTOR® Party Director for 2018, explained the importance of NAR’s outreach programs.

“What we do to make life better for those we serve, working with clients, building relationships and giving back to our industry, IS the REALTOR® Party,” said Wheeler.

The REALTOR® Party program consists of numerous political, legislative, and community partnerships that NAR enters with state and local associations to build REALTOR® effectiveness throughout the country. The NAR Board of Directors will consider expanding the REALTOR® Party program with new funding at its May meeting in Washington DC.

Attendees also learned about NAR’S four new strategic priorities for 2018. These priorities are:

  • Defining measurable increases in professionalism
  • Increasing influence in an uncertain legislative, regulatory and political environment
  • Taking the management of real estate data to the next level
  • Ensuring the role of the REALTOR® is essential to the consumer

The last priority, to ensure that the role of the REALTOR® is essential to the consumer, is especially salient in today’s competitive market where more and more consumers turn to technology for real estate information.

Seattle King County REALTOR® leaders attending and participating in the discussion with NAR and regional leaders included current President Shane Davies, President-Elect Rich Bergdahl, VP of Governmental and Public Affairs Georgia Wall, 2016 President Patti Hill, NAR Director Mike Connolly, NAR Director Terry Miller, and State Director Darci Gillespie.

Want to get involved with Seattle King County REALTORS® leadership? Please contact CEO Russ Hokanson.