The future of the REALTOR® Party: Will you Own It?

By now, you’ve hopefully heard the new rallying cry from the National Association of REALTORS® leadership team, “This is Our Moment – Let’s Own It.” The REALTOR® Party is Owning It by enhancing its numerous political, legislative, and community partnerships with state and local associations – including grants, advocacy tools, and fundraising – to build REALTOR® effectiveness throughout the country.

That was the message from Margo Wheeler, 2018 NAR REALTOR® Party director, in her presentation to the Seattle King County REALTORS® Board of Directors in March. Wheeler, a broker with John L. Scott in Tacoma, is the immediate past president of Washington REALTORS® and served as the 2011 national president of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® (WCR).

“What President Mendenhall is talking about with Own It,” said Wheeler, “is we, as professionals, owning our advocacy, owning our association, and owning our future as REALTORS®.”

The REALTOR® Party works to advance public policies supporting private property and homeownership rights. Its programs at the local, state, and national levels focus on four key areas: community outreach, campaign services, RPAC and political fundraising, and building REALTOR® strength through member and consumer involvement.

After talking about the early success of the REALTOR® Party programs, Wheeler shared more about where the Party is going. In the next five years, Wheeler said to expect some changes to the way the Party supports local and state associations. “One size does not fit all,” Wheeler said, explaining that there will be new opportunities for associations to bundle grants, tailor their community outreach, receive additional support from NAR, and more.

The Party will also focus on increasing its communication initiatives to help REALTORS® understand where their dollars are going, and why participation matters.

“We are the REALTOR® Party. You are the REALTOR® Party,” said Wheeler. “Our associations are the REALTOR® Party. Owning It means building a culture of participation – beyond just paying dues.”

Find out more about the future of REALTOR® Party on NAR’s website.

To get involved, contact Seattle King County REALTORS® RPAC Chair Lynn Sanborn, and attend the RPAC Spring Wine Auction on April 25.