National Leaders Spotlight: Terry Miller

Terry Miller, a broker with Coldwell Banker Bain, has been appointed to the 2018 Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee and the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®.

“I’ve been on NAR committees for over 20 years, and my service has been most worthwhile,” said Miller. “It is wonderful to help set the course of our national organization, and I see volunteering as a duty and a pleasure. I learn, add value, and help chart the course and make tons of connections with other pros around the country. It has been great for referrals, too!”

The Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee monitors and recommends actions and strategies on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the development, sale, transfer, and value of real estate, such as indoor air quality (e.g., asbestos, radon), hazardous substances, wetlands and coastal development, lead-based paint, flood plain management, and the availability and protection of water supplies.

“Volunteering IS a win/win – it’s giving back, doing what we know and love for the betterment of our industry – all in the service of our clients. I recommend it!” said Miller.

Thank you for your leadership!

To learn more about NAR committees and leadership opportunities, please contact Seattle King County REALTORS® CEO Russ Hokanson and visit NAR’s website.

Nominations for open positions on the Seattle King County REALTORS® Board of Directors are now open. Learn more.