Want to learn more about your REALTOR® membership? We’ll come to you

Your REALTOR® membership gives you access to tools and resources that can help you in your business. Why not maximize your investment by taking advantage of these benefits?

Seattle King County REALTORS® staff and leadership are available to come to your office and explain how you and your colleagues can access the many resources your dues dollars provide.


In a single year, the REALTOR® Benefits Program saved over 800,000 REALTORS® $60 million on personal and professional goods and services. Personal insurance, education, financial services and travel are just some of everyday ways the program can help you save.


The REALTOR® brand has built trust with consumers for over a hundred years. You can use it, along with content from the REALTOR® Content Resource, to show your clients your expertise. Request an office visit to learn about more marketing tools designed for you.


The Association’s advocacy efforts are some of the most important work we do to protect your business every day. When we visit your office, we’ll explain more about the issues that affect your business and answer questions you have.

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