10 most common home repairs needed after inspection, according to RepairPricer.com

RepairPricer.com recently analyzed 15,000 home inspection reports to discover the most commonly found defects in homes selling in the U.S. today.

Defective Item


Percentage of homes

Exterior caulking and sealer is missing 2439 16.26%
Doors need adjusting and servicing 2320 15.47%
Faucets and heads need servicing 2213 14.75%
Outlets or switches with deficiencies 2100 14.00%
Cosmetic Sheetrock cracks or nail pops 1964 13.09%
No GFCI protection at one or more location 1862 12.41%
Fixtures and/or bulb deficiencies 1769 11.79%
Smoke alarms 1593 10.62%
Lot does not facilitate proper drainage 1575 10.50%
Exposed nails and shingle deficiencies 1390 9.27%

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