Are you keeping your clients’ data safe?

As a REALTOR®, you’re not just responsible for your own data and information. You need to protect your clients’ personal data, too.

Former REALTOR® Jack Lindberg helps real estate pros address many of the gaps in technology you use every day that cyber criminals take advantage of in his class Protecting Yourself and Your Clients Online, taught last week at the Seattle King County REALTORS® offices in Bellevue.

Seemingly innocent things we all do online, like post cute pictures of our pets or “like” our bank on Facebook, can give criminals enough information to hack your accounts.

You might have heard stories about home buyers who click a seemingly legitimate email link from their broker, only to find out it was a scam. Spear phishing attacks, Lindberg explained to the class, send emails designed to look like they’re from a trusted source to the recipient.

For example, an attacker might change the email “” to “”. Most people don’t even notice the difference and, thinking the email is from their broker, might answer the attacker’s request for documents or personal data.

Protecting Yourself and Your Clients Online covers key areas of online safety weakness, including spear phishing, social media profiles, public records and more. Identifying and closing holes in your online security is crucial for your personal and business safety.

“Why does this matter?” Lindberg asked Friday’s class. “You should care about protecting your own information. But even if you don’t, you as a real estate professional must protect your clients’ information. You are a target because you are a conduit to a lot of money and a lot of sensitive data every day.”

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About the instructor

Jack Lindberg is the author of five books on social media for real estate that have been sold on for the last five years. He is a former REALTOR®, builder and broker and is the founder and CEO of AgentsPlanet.