Kirkland sign code reminders

Spring has sprung, and so have open houses! If you do business in Kirkland, make sure your open house and other real estate signs aren’t violating the city’s sign code.

Kirkland Signs for Properties for Sale or Rent
  1. Maximum number: one (1) per dwelling unit or property for sale or rent;
  2. Maximum sign area: six (6) square feet per sign face;
  3. Permitted location: on the property for sale or rent;
  4. Duration: must remove after the property is sold or rented;
  5. Off-site signs: In addition to the provisions above, during any time when a property is open for public viewing, additional off-site signs may be displayed subject to the following:
    • Maximum Number: One (1) sign per block within one-quarter (1/4) mile of the property for sale or rent;
    • Maximum sign area: six (6) square feet per sign face;
    • Permitted location: Except for areas required to be kept clear of sight obstructions by KZC 135:
      1. On private property, with the consent of the property owner, or
      2. In public rights-of-way, other than paved vehicular travel lanes, paved parking areas, sidewalks or pedestrian paths, driveway aprons and center

For more on Kirkland and other cities, view the Tri-County Sign Code Matrix.