SKCR votes to endorse funding requests for three school districts

Seattle King County REALTORS® (SKCR) voted overwhelmingly to endorse funding requests from three school districts that will be on the February 11 Special Election ballot.

SKCR has a strong history of supporting strong school districts. Good schools are the first thing homebuyers ask us about. Good schools are essential for preserving the value of family homes. They are critical for economic vitality and job creation. Schools unify and define communities. But, most important, quality schools are crucial to the future of our students.

Sam Pace, South King County Housing Specialist, shared that a 2017 study by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that the quality of schools was considered by 26% of home buyers when looking for a new home. A good home in a good school district – along with other factors such as safety, commute times, jobs, and housing inventory – will fetch a higher price and hold a better resale value. Pace also cited NY Times’ report that “Economists have estimated that within suburban neighborhoods, a five percent improvement in test scores can raise home prices by two and a half percent.”

Bellevue School District

SKCR endorsed Bellevue School District’s request for a $675 million capitol bond measure that will help with the following if approved by 60 percent of voters:

  • Rebuild and renovate aging school buildings;
  • Add classrooms and student support spaces;
  • Increase safety;
  • Replace aging education service centers; and
  • Designate funding to purchase property for future school locations.
Kent School District

SKCR endorsed Kent School District’s request for a $83 million, two-year Renewal Education Program & Operations Levy that will help with the following if approved by a majority of voters:

  • Student safety & school security;
  • Career readiness programs including opportunities for exploration acceleration and remediation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math
  • Bullying prevention;
  • Social-emotional learning programs;
  • Educational support for students with special needs;
  • Daily operations to support clean, healthy, and well-maintained schools and classrooms;
  • Professional development for teachers, paraeducators, principals, and educational support staff; and
  • Essential staff, such as classroom teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, and bus drivers not fully funded by the state.
Tahoma School District

SKCR endorsed Tahoma School District’s request for a $75 million Educational Programs and Operations Levy and a $16.8 million Technology Levy.

The Educational Programs and Operations Levy would renew an expiring levy and would help close the gap between state and federal dollars provided and the true cost of operating the school district. It would supplement or fully fund a wide array of needs for:

  • Salary and benefits for teachers and staff;
  • Individual and small group instruction for student who are working below grade level; and
  • Sports, extracurricular activities, and field trips.
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