Hill Day 2020: 500 REALTORS® unify at the hill to lobby for housing supply and affordability!

Five hundred REALTORS® from across the state showed up in Olympia this year for the Washington REALTOR® Hill Day event on January 23.

“We had over 90 REALTORS® and Affiliates from King County in Olympia this year,” said Seattle King County REALTOR® President Georgia Stevens. “This is our biggest turnout in recent years. I am proud of our members for taking the time to join us and make the case for much needed affordable housing options in our market.”

The annual REALTOR® Legislative Day was highlighted by visits with each of our elected representatives for a discussion on housing needs. Much of the REALTOR® effort focuses on creating more inventory by reforming city ordinances and rules that limit housing choice. Innovative development options, such as Accessory Dwelling Units, should be allowed in every city.

Proven incentives for creating more affordable units, such as the Multi-Family Housing Tax Exemption, should be renewed and expanded so that housing options are available at all income levels. “Creating inventory at every income level, low, middle, and high end, will help people find the housing they need,” said Dahni Malgarini-Logar, Vice President of Governmental & Public Affairs for SKCR.

Many of these REALTOR® priorities remain alive through the first cut-off of the short legislative session in 2020. That is a positive sign for housing issues.

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