2021 Board Election results – thank you for voting!

The 2021 Board of Directors election was held June 1–June 30, 2020. Thank you to those members who put their names forward as candidates and to over 900 members who voted this year. Over 51% of voters indicated this was the first time they have voted in a Board election. Board members serve one or two-year terms, meet six times per year, and govern the strategic and financial affairs of the Association.

“I’m grateful to the membership for supporting me as a leader and for turning out to vote,” said 2021 President Lynn Sanborn. “The coming year has some unique challenges and we are working on new ways for our members to be engaged and involved in the work of the Association. All of the candidates have stepped up to do more. That helps all of us.”

Elected officers and directors for 2021 will be installed at the end of the year and their terms begin January 1, 2021. The election results are listed below.

2021 Officers:

Lynn Sanborn

President 2021

Rachel Adler

President-Elect 2021

Georgia Stevens

Immediate Past President 2021

Sharon O’Mahony

Vice President of Business Practices 2021

Eddie Chang

Vice President of Governmental and Public Affairs 2021

Garrett Nelson

Vice President-Elect of Governmental and Public Affairs 2021

Elected Directors through 2022:

Genine Wood

East Regional Director

Keoki McCarthy

North Regional Director

Joe Galindo

Director at Large

Todd Shively

Director at Large

Kathy Terhune

Director at Large

Erica Topel

Director at Large

Jennica Lynn

YPN Director (one year)

Returning Directors through 2021:

Rachel Adler

Director at Large

Tracey Forde

Director at Large

Andrew MacGillivray

Director at Large

Marty McClendon

South Regional Director

Yusef Nadir

Director at Large

Garrett Nelson

Independent Brokerage Director

In order to run for office and serve, all candidates must be REALTORS® in good standing with Seattle King County REALTORS®. Once again, we wish to thank all members who ran for the Board this year.

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