Convenient, Live Online Courses for REALTOR® members

Seattle King County REALTORS® offers a variety of live online courses for REALTOR® members. Due to COVID meeting restrictions, the Association promptly shifted to classes via Zoom. This allows members to continue learning new skills and fulfilling their clock-hour requirements.

The Association has held 17 classes via Zoom since May, which includes:

  • At Home with Diversity – Taught by Mark Kitabayashi;
  • Certified Negotiating Expert (CNE) Core Concepts – Taught by Greg Markov;
  • Core Curriculum – Taught by Mark Kitabayashi;
  • Does It Pencil – Taught by Joe Still;
  • Tax Reduction Strategies for the RE Professional – Taught by Kelly Clark;
  • The Code of Ethics – Taught by Mark Kitabayashi;
  • The Video Seminar Webinar – Taught by Joe Still; and
  • Transaction and Listing Management – Taught by Margie Celmer.

Members have shared that the courses are convenient, and that they can save time without the need to commute to the class. It is likely that the Association will continue to offer a mix of Zoom and on-site classes when instructors and members can return to the Association classroom.

Instructor Joe Still brings in his computer, microphone, and camera to the Association classroom to teach through Zoom.

“It is a different experience for members right now and as the instructor, it is a lot different than having everyone in the room with you. You have to adjust your game accordingly as the presenter,” said Instructor Joe Still.

The Association will continue to bring high quality courses to REALTOR® members, including brand-new classes such as Mortgage Finance for Real Estate Brokers with Instructor Michael “Smit” Smith and The Biggest Bloopers & Blunders We Make on our Statewide Forms with instructor Ken Sax.

All class information and registrations can be found in our Education calendar.

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