Affiliates and REALTORS® donate over 1,200 pounds of food and $10,000 to Northwest Harvest

Seattle King County REALTORS® Affiliates held a successful food drive on Wednesday, August 26 at the Association to benefit Northwest Harvest.

REALTORS® and Affiliates showed their support for their community by donating nonperishable items and monetary funds. The total weight of nonperishable donations came out to a total of 1,236 pounds, which is the most that Northwest Harvest has collected so far this year. Over $10,000 has been raised for Northwest Harvest on the GoFundMe page set up by Affiliates – the goal was $5,000.

Participants have ensured that many will not have to confront hunger today. Thanks to all of the compassion, many will be able to put a hot meal on the dinner table for their family tonight.

“Thank you to everyone for your generous donations,” said Lisa Howarth, Affiliate Director. “We set a goal and you helped us exceed all of our expectations. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart as there was a time in my life when money was scarce and feeding my family was a constant struggle. It is an unbelievably difficult position to be in when you have to decide if you are going to pay your power bill or go grocery shopping and there are many families that are in that position right now today due to our current economic crisis. The substantial donations that you gave in abundance will help numerous families that are struggling. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. We could not have made this happen and helped so many without you.”

“This FIRST (of many) SKCR Affiliate Food Drive was a great success and I am proud of our REALTOR® community for supporting this event,” said Janet Matzke, SKCR Affiliate and 2021 Affiliate Chair. “With the abundance of generosity, you make a direct impact on families who are working to provide this most basic human need for themselves and their children. I hope that this will become an annual event for SKCR, and we will continue to grow. Thank you everyone and I am blown away by your kindness and compassion!”

Thank you to all REALTOR® members and Affiliates who joined us to help our community! Thank you to our Annual Affiliate members for providing fun prizes in the raffle drawing.

Thank you to everyone who dropped off nonperishable items!

  • Cindy Silverstein
  • Lara Weasea
  • Caitlin Olsen
  • Lynn Sanborn
  • Georgia Stevens
  • Larry Christensen
  • Kerstin O’Shields
  • Garrett Nelson
  • Tristin Carter
  • Paul Chambers
  • Tracey Forde
  • Gina Madeya
  • Mina Peterson
  • Kelly Collins
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Ingrid Haugaard
  • Valerie Verburg
  • David Walker
  • Brandy Hekker
  • Darla White
  • Marie Hansch
  • Annie Chan

Special thanks to Cindy Silverstein, Windermere Bellevue, Lara Weasea, Lake and Company, and Caitlin Olsen, Windermere, who rallied up their offices and brought in masses of food donations from agents.

Thank you for your generous donations on GoFundMe:

  • Terry E. Miller
  • Lynn Sanborn
  • Bobbi Moody
  • Cathy Swart
  • Brooks Glenn
  • Ken Harding
  • Cindy Silverstein
  • Carolyn Hanson
  • Jayne Williamson
  • Daniel and Cindy Kennedy Realtor family
  • Janet Matzke
  • Elly Cyr
  • Aleta M. Thompson
  • Shannon Hill Hanson
  • George Robertson
  • Judy Honican
  • James Hruza
  • Stephanie Quam
  • Patti Hill
  • Zdenka Kalezic
  • Lisa R. Lewis
  • Helen C. Martin
  • Nancy Fong
  • Jenn Mueller
  • Cheri Brennan
  • Benjamin Chotzen
  • Julie Knudtsen
  • Donna A Walsh
  • Leeann Ghiglione
  • Chuck Cady & Deborah Arends
  • Elizabeth Peterson
  • Sharon O’Mahony
  • Linda Harada
  • Sam Pace
  • Rich & Nanette Bergdahl
  • Dahni Malgarini-Logar
  • Trish Englund
  • Bev Read
  • Lauri Skagen
  • Kurt & Katherine Kreager
  • Jennica Lynn
  • Eddie Chang
  • Susan Roberts
  • Jackie Cohen
  • Vance Girls
  • Worgan Grandkids
  • Lisa Howarth
  • Marie Hansch
  • Annie Chan


Thank you to our Affiliates for hosting this event! Special thanks to Keith Pitsch for running a live-stream of the entire food drive.