More than $250,000 raised for RPAC so far this year!

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) protects your clients and the real estate industry. RPAC raises voluntary funds to support endorsed candidates at the local, state, and national levels who share our values for a strong real estate market.

So far this year, there are 42 major investors (invested $1,000 or more in RPAC) – Ten are new major investors, and others have significantly increased their investment.

“An investment in RPAC is a fantastic way to let our clients know we are watching out for their largest investment – their home,” said RPAC Trustee Dahni Malgarini-Logar. “We use investments in RPAC to educate and encourage our elected public officials on how their decisions in land use, tax increases and water rights affect real estate owners.”

Seattle King County REALTORS® has raised $251,171 for RPAC as of June 2020.

Here are some recent successes:


  • Stopped a B&O Tax Increase on our members
  • Kept Real Estate Essential in Washington State to Allow You to Serve Your Clients


  • Next year, we will be working to stop a proposed state capital gains tax that would include real estate.

“An investment in RPAC is an investment in your business, our profession and our communities,” said RPAC Trustee Bev Read. “VOTE. ACT. INVEST. Check and update voter registration to be ready to VOTE. Sign in to receive Calls to ACTion – go to your smart phone and enter REALTORS to 30644. Finally, I ask you to INVEST in the PAC. It makes a difference. Thank you to our Major Investors who recognize the value of our advocacy.”

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There will be a state-wide, online RPAC Auction running in conjunction with the Fall Conference. The silent auction starts at 9 AM on Monday, September 21 and ends on Friday, September 25 at 5 PM. The live auction will start at 5 PM on Thursday, September 24.

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2020 Seattle King County REALTORS® Major Investors

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