Do you know the history of housing discrimination in Seattle?

In an eye-opening presentation on the history of housing in Seattle, University of Washington History Professor Emeritus Dr. Quintard Taylor, explores the roots of discriminatory practices that formed the predominantly black neighborhoods of Seattle and the region. He shows that despite the progressive early history of Seattle, a gradual change in economic and social conditions leads to open housing discrimination against African Americans through the use of restrictive covenants in the early 20th century.

Those early restrictions were amplified in later years by FHA underwriting standards and appraisal bias within the industry. Throughout his detailed seminar, Dr. Taylor argues that discrimination in housing plays a major role in the economic displacement of the African American community.

Every real estate professional who is interested in a better understanding of our history, the challenges of providing housing for all, and the obstacles to home ownership for minority communities should view Dr. Taylor’s lecture. See the presentation here:

See Presentation

This is one in a series of articles commemorating Black History Month in February.

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