REALTORS® raise over $52,000 for RPAC in online auction

REALTORS® and Affiliates have helped our REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) set a new local and statewide record with a total of $52,407 raised for RPAC during the online auction held March 9-12. This auction allowed members to bid on wine, spirits, gift baskets, and experiences while supporting RPAC during a crucial push to exempt all real estate from the Capital Gains Tax bill.

RPAC supports political candidates with campaign funding who have been endorsed by the Association of REALTORS® and who have demonstrated support and leadership of REALTOR® legislative issues. RPAC is the only advocacy group in America that fights exclusively for your clients and your business.

What does the REALTOR® PAC do for you?
  • While other businesses were stalled on the sideline, REALTORS® got back to work during the COVID-19 lockdown in a way that was safe for you and your clients.
  • REALTORS® were also able to immediately clarify rules around property management and other affiliated services while other industries struggled to understand the regulations they were facing.
  • Exempted REALTORS® from a 20% increase in the B&O Tax you pay, putting $250-$500 back in the pocket of our members each year.
  • Protected REALTORS® Independent Contractor Status.
  • Encouraged cities to adopt growth policies to allow for additional density in a responsible way.
  • Helped pass condo liability reform that creates more objective standards for defect claims.
The impact of this fundraiser is significant to further the efforts of RPAC this year. 2021 priorities include:
  • Increasing missing middle housing supply and density incentives;
  • Reviewing and notifying homeowners of racial covenants; and
  • Reducing barriers to condo construction financing.

Visit MyNeighbor Washington for more information on 2021 Priorities

Thank you to our Local RPAC Chair Garrett Nelson, our VP Governmental and Public Affairs Eddie Chang, RPAC Trustees Beverly Read and Dahni Malgarini-Logar, and the rest of our RPAC Subcommittee members, Jennifer Gilbert-Smith, Michele Hunt, Gina Madeya, and Lynn Sanborn. Thank you to everyone who donated auction items and to all REALTOR® and Affiliate members who invest in RPAC!

“An investment in RPAC is an investment in your business, our profession and our communities,” said RPAC Trustee Bev Read. “VOTE. ACT. INVEST. It makes a difference. Thank you to our Investors who recognize the value of our advocacy.”

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