Seattle King County REALTORS® withdraws endorsement of Kathy Lambert, King County Council Candidate

Last week, the Kathy Lambert campaign sent a postcard mailer to residents of King County Council District 3. We consider the mailer to be inflammatory, distasteful, and not in alignment with our REALTOR® values and ethics.

Because of the imagery and content of the mailer, the Seattle King County REALTORS® Board of Directors revoked the early endorsement for Kathy Lambert and has asked for our campaign contribution to be returned. That early endorsement was made in May.

SKCR believes that the mailer violated the spirit of the RPAC Statement of Values and Principles, including the spirit of our REALTORS® Code of Ethics. Eddie Chang, SKCR’s VP of Governmental & Public Affairs, commented, “As REALTORS®, we believe strongly in our Code of Ethics and its aspirational ideals. We hold ourselves accountable to its values. Likewise, we hold all candidates accountable to the spirit of the RPAC Statement of Values and Principles.”

The online REALTORS® Voting Guide has been updated accordingly. The printed REALTORS® Voting Guide, however, had already been published before the mailers were sent and cannot be amended. We ask all who receive the printed Voting Guide to disregard the endorsement of Kathy Lambert.