REALTORS®, let’s rise to help with housing relief efforts

Did you know? Washington state received $309,000 for wildfire housing relief from the RRF!

The RRF is challenging REALTORS® to rise up to a regional contest and raise:


amongst Region 12
(WA, OR, ID, AK, and MT)
by November 12

Text REGION12 to 71777.

REALTORS® know how important a home is to a family, and what is at stake when a home is damaged or lost. We also know the importance of community support. It is in our nature to step in and step up to help those affected.

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary of providing housing-related assistance to victims of disasters with their Hope Rising campaign.

Over its 20 year history following 9/11, RRF has helped over 17,000 families, including the public and REALTORS®, by covering mortgage and rent payments after disasters – such as wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes – across the nation.

Seattle King County REALTORS® is joining Region 12 to rally together as heroes for hope and raise money to support RRF efforts. Earlier this year, our Association donated $20,000 to RRF.

RRF is responding to more disasters than ever before. With your support, we can ensure that anyone who needs help rebuilding from a disaster will have resources at the ready to start recovering right away.

Relief for Victims of Washington Wildfires

The 2015 wildfire season was the largest in Washington state history, with more than one million acres burning across the state from June to September. The fires destroyed hundreds of homes.

Michael Schoonover, President of Washington REALTORS® at the time, wrote: “The economic impact of these fires to the people living in these regions is astronomical. They have lost their homes and businesses. Thanks to the RRF, the members of the Association that most likely helped these individuals purchase their homes, will now be able to provide housing-related financial assistance to the victims of the fires. The RRF truly shows the power of the “R” and we appreciate all that our friends and colleagues around the country do to keep the RRF strong.”

RRF’s Impact Nationwide