Stop drastic changes to Form 17

Help us prevent liability on sellers and risks to buyers by opposing HB 1951.

On Thursday, January 27th, the Legislature will hear House Bill 1951. This bill will add huge new liability to all home sellers and overturn decades of precedent in real estate transactional law.

HB 1951 will remove the “don’t know” check mark from the disclosure form, make all sellers answer either yes or no to every question on the form and make them liable for those answers – even if they do not have actual knowledge about a question. Worse yet, HB 1951 removes the “actual knowledge” standard, and makes sellers responsible for any inaccuracy or omission in the Seller Disclosure form even if they did not have actual knowledge of that condition.

This would bring massive new levels of liability to sellers, resulting in sellers asking buyers to waive receipt of the Seller Disclosure form. HB 1951 would undermine the Seller Disclosure law, not improve it.

Thank you to all who took the time to send a pre-written message to your Representatives and help us stop this harmful legislation.