YOU DID IT: Seller Disclosure bill dead!

A bill making major changes to the Form 17 (Seller Disclosure), has died. HB1951, as originally drafted, would have removed the actual knowledge standard for sellers completing their disclosure statement and removed the option to select “don’t know” on Form 17. REALTORS® opposed this bill as it would unduly increase liability for sellers and risk for buyers.

Upon introduction, Washington REALTORS® sent out an all-member Call for Action. Over 8,000 emails were sent to legislators statewide telling them not to approve HB1951 and they heard you loud and clear. Over the following weeks, the Consumer Protection and Business Committee made significant changes taking the bill from bad to not great. REALTORS® remained opposed and ultimately were successful in ensuring the bill did not pass out of its house of origin by the legislative cut-off earlier this week.

It is because of your dedication and commitment to our industry that HB1951 died this week. Thank you to our membership for joining your colleagues around the state and telling your representatives how onerous these changes to Form 17 would have been.

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