Seattle King County REALTORS® raise over $56,000 for REALTORS® Political Action Committee

On March 17th, over 80 REALTORS® and Affiliates gathered at the Bellevue Club for Seattle King County REALTORS® annual REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Auction. This St. Patrick’s Day themed auction – the first in-person auction since 2019 – was a massive success. Along with the week-long Online RPAC Silent Auction from March 14-18, our members’ participation and generous investments raised a new record amount of $56,644 for RPAC.

Investing in RPAC protects our industry, your clients, and your business. All investments go towards supporting candidates on the local, state, and national levels. Candidates who share our values regarding vibrant communities, housing choices and economic vitality cannot be elected or re-elected without the support from RPAC.

Impact in 2021:

  • Insured that Real Estate was exempt from the state Capital Gains Tax
  • Passed a bill that encourages cities to allow responsible density – things like accessory dwelling units, duplexes and triplexes in single family zones, and more

2022 Priorities:

  • Promote more housing in urban and rural areas
  • Support missing middle housing and ADUs
  • Advance consumer protections in real estate
  • Approve housing supply tax Incentives for local governments

“An investment in RPAC is an investment in your business, our profession and our communities,” said RPAC Trustee Bev Read. “VOTE. ACT. INVEST. It makes a difference. Thank you to our Investors who recognize the value of our advocacy.”

Thank you to our Local RPAC Chair Michele Hunt, our VP of Governmental & Public Affairs Garrett Nelson, RPAC Trustees Bev Read, Dahni Malgarini-Logar, and Jennifer Gilbert-Smith, and the rest of our RPAC Subcommittee members Eddie Chang, Kelly Collins, David Crowell, Cheyenne Gillooly, Jessica Gockel, Garrett Nelson, Michele Hunt, Rachel Mehmedagic, Noelani Shavit, and Wayne Stephens.

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