2023 Board election results

Six new Directors were added to the 2023 Board of Directors in the recently concluded election of Seattle King County REALTORS®, in addition to seven elected officers who previously served on the Board.

The 21 Officers and Directors will take office on January 1, 2023, as they oversee the strategic direction of the Association and prioritize services for the membership.

“We have a dynamic group of doers who will work hard for the membership and our interests,” said newly elected 2023 President Sharon O’Mahony. “I am excited to work with them in the coming year.”

Forty-three percent of voters said it was the first time they had participated in a Board election.

The installation of the new Board will take place at an event on December 1.

2023 Officers

Sharon O’Mahony

President 2023

Dahni Malgarini-Logar

President-Elect 2023

Rachel Mehmedagic (Adler)

Immediate Past President 2023

Todd Shively

Vice President of Business Practices 2023

Michele Hunt

Vice President of Governmental and Public Affairs 2023

Gina Madeya

Vice President-Elect of Governmental and Public Affairs 2023

Erica Topel

Vice President of Member Services and Communication 2023

Newly Elected Directors for 2023

Joe Bauman

Director at Large

Marissa Beach

Director at Large

Scott Dickinson

North Regional Director

Hadley Elston

Young Professionals Network Director

Kathryn Freitas

Director at Large

Cheyenne Gillooly

Director at Large

Stephanie McCarthy

East Regional Director

Sol Villarreal

Director at Large

Returning Directors through 2023

Samantha Enos

Director at Large

Jennifer Gilbert-Smith

South Regional Director

Gina Guajardo

Independent Office Director

Karishma Kiri

Director at Large

Dick Pelascini

Director at Large

Thank you to all of our candidates who ran and to our members who voted in the 2023 Board election.