Housing agenda meets with early success

The 2023 Legislative Session is well underway with close to 1,000 bills already introduced. A long session, this year’s legislative session will run for 120 days and conclude in late April. In an early success, the Washington REALTORS® priority issue addressing leasebacks passed unanimously off the House floor and now heads to the Senate. Prime sponsored by REALTOR® member and State Representative from the Tri-Cities area, April Connors (R-8), HB 1070 exempts the sale and leaseback of property by a seller from the residential landlord-tenant act when the seller agrees to a written lease at closing. The House Housing Committee Chair Strom Peterson (D- 21) pointed out that it was a bipartisan bill and only the first of what he expects to be many bipartisan housing bills that pass this session.

We look forward to providing you with updates as session continues.