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RPAC Major Investors

Thank you for your support of the REALTORS® Political Action Committee!

Make an investment of $50, $100 or $500 to ensure that when government acts, there is no harm to your business, no new taxes and no added, unnecessary complications to your real estate transactions.

PLATINUM R ■ $10,000

Lennox Scott





Seattle King County REALTORS®

GOLDEN R ■ $5,000

Rich Bergdahl


Eddie Chang


Sam DeBord


Trish Coy

Patti Hill

Russ Hokanson


Gina Madeya

Michael Orbino

Kathleen Powell


Beverly Read

Lynn Sanborn

CRYSTAL R ■ $2,500

Jennifer Gilbert-Smith

Michele Hunt

Dahni Malgarini-Logar


Rachel Mehmedagic

Garrett Nelson

Keith Nelson


Todd Shively

Georgia Stevens


STERLING R ■ $1,000

Michael Connolly

Kale Corey

David Crowell

Shane Davies

Matt Deasy

Samantha Enos

Joe Galindo

Cheyenne Gillooly

Jessica Gockel

Peter Hickey

Pam McCain

Stephanie McCarthy

Bobbi Moody

Jenn Mueller

Phyllis Ohrbeck

Sharon O’Mahony

Sam Pace


Tamara Paul

Larry Powell

Kathy Terhune

Erica Topel

Renee Vanous

Jason Wall

Lara Weasea


This information was provided by Washington REALTORS®. If there is an error or omission, please contact us.

Hall of Fame

Lennox Scott

Inducted 2004

Keith Nelson

Inducted 2008

Daniel Lloyd Kennedy
Inducted 2010

Terry Miller

Inducted 2014

Beverly Read

Inducted 2015

Russ Hokanson

Inducted 2018

Rich Bergdahl

Inducted 2019

Patti Hill
Inducted 2019

Sam Pace
Inducted 2019

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