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Nowhere is it more evident of what Seattle King County REALTORS® do for our members and the clients we serve than within Governmental Affairs Advocacy. Locally, REALTOR® Advocacy is guided by the Governmental & Public Affairs Committee. The committee’s purpose is to encourage participation among general membership in grass roots political activity, to monitor and provide advocacy services on local legislation affecting the real estate industry, and to promote the REALTOR® movement of the Seattle King County REALTORS® to its membership and the public.
See our advocacy in action.

Serving Our Membership

Our Governmental & Public Affairs advocacy team is one of the most effective in the country among local trade associations. Our recent successes in advocating for our members include proposing county policies to increase housing inventory, shaping local regulations that make new home construction less expensive, as well as preventing point-of-sale mandates. To help you keep track to these issues affecting your real estate business and clients, our advocacy team publishes the quarterly Issues & Impacts and hosts the popular Housing Issues Briefing to update local officials on the key issues affecting real estate. To further serve our members, the committee conducts candidate interviews to determine where candidates stand on key real estate issues and produces the REALTOR® Voting Guide with information regarding candidate ratings, endorsements along with the interview questionnaire used during the interview process.

As a charter member of the National Association of REALTORS®, Seattle King County REALTORS® is proud to stand with our national organization as it launches a broader effort to promote awareness and progress on fair housing and equal opportunity for all. We encourage you to view the campaign here.

Seattle King County REALTORS® has launched this additional effort to make housing and opportunity tools available to our members as they serve the diverse communities in our area. Our series on “Opening Doors to Housing” includes relevant resources, articles, best practices, talking points, and stories on advancing housing opportunities and promoting inclusiveness.

We encourage our REALTOR® members to follow and share aspects of our series.

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