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REALTORS® Political Action Committee

The goal of REALTORS® Political Action Committee is to organize the members of our association as a concerned, involved political constituency to help advance legislation beneficial to the business of real estate, your clients and strong communities.

RPAC Major Investors RPAC Statement of Principles

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Protecting Your Business

Why is my RPAC Investment important to me?

Laws and regulations implemented by public officials directly impact your clients in regards to housing availability and housing affordability, including the manner in which you conduct your business and your commissions. Your investment in RPAC is an investment in your career because it insures the voice for REALTORS® is heard in Washington, D.C and Olympia, as well as King County and the 39 municipalities, Port of Seattle and 20 school districts that comprise it.

How will my RPAC investment be used?

100% of your RPAC investment is put to work to elect pro-REALTOR® candidates: 45% goes to support State (state representatives and senators & statewide candidates), 30% goes to National (U.S. Senate and Congress) candidates, and 25% goes to local (city council, county council, Port of Seattle) candidates. RPAC represents the REALTOR® Party. Investments are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Who decides which candidates receive RPAC support?

Candidate endorsements and RPAC funding support decisions are reached at the local, state and national Association levels by REALTOR® members as follows:

Local (SEATTLE King County REALTORS®):

Candidate endorsement decisions for city council candidates, county council candidates, Port of Seattle Commissioners, and state representative and senatorial positions (within King County) are made by the local governmental affairs committee and requires a supermajority vote. Should a majority but not a supermajority vote be reached by the governmental affairs committee, the SKCR Board of Directors endorsement decision is made by majority vote. By practice, RPAC funding decisions for city and county candidates and Port of Seattle Commissioners are made by the governmental affairs committee. The RPAC Trustees for Washington REALTORS® make the RPAC funding decisions for all state representative and state senatorial candidates.

Statewide Candidates (Washington REALTORS®):

Candidate endorsement decisions for statewide candidates (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, State Commissioner of Public Lands, State Insurance Commissioner and State Superintendent of Public Instruction) are made by the RPAC Trustees and leadership for Washington REALTORS®. RPAC funding decisions for these races are determined by the State RPAC Trustees.

National Candidates (National Association of REALTORS®):

The National Association of REALTORS® “endorses” and “supports” candidates running for U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. Candidates are deemed “endorsed” if they receive full funding – $5,000 for the primary election and $5,000 for the general election. Candidates who receive less than full funding are deemed “supported.” NAR reports its recommendations for funding to the Washington REALTORS® PAC Trustees but the RPAC Trustees at the National Association of REALTORS® makes the final decisions regarding RPAC funding support to national candidates.

Why do REALTORS® review voting records and interview candidates?

REALTORS® don’t just sell homes. We sell Neighborhoods and Quality of Life.

We need elected officials who share our REALTOR® values, and who appreciate the hard work that you do as a real estate professional. To help these current and future elected officials who carry our water to build strong communities where the American dream is within reach for families in the legislative process, the Association of REALTORS® looks at the voting record of services of incumbents who have demonstrated consistent support for the community and neighborhood values we all share.

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PlacementMake an investment of $50, $100 or $500 to ensure that when government acts, there is no harm to your business, no new taxes and no added, unnecessary complications to your real estate transactions.
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Introducing a new secure, online REALTOR® PAC (RPAC) investment site making it easier than ever for busy REALTORS® to protect their business. We can’t all go to Washington D.C., the state Capital, or even our City Halls while government leaders are making decisions that affect our industry; but while we are busy, REALTOR® PAC can fight for us and for our clients. Please make an investment of $50, $100, or $500 to ensure that when government acts, there is no harm to real estate, no new taxes, and no added unnecessary complications to the real estate transaction.

As of the end of November 2021, SKCR has raised $370,602 for the REALTOR® PAC.

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Fast Facts

As of the end of November 2021, SKCR has raised $370,602 for the REALTOR® PAC.

REALTORS® advocacy will save brokers $100 Million in B&O taxes over the next 2 years.
We helped reduce the Washington state B&O tax to 1.5%, saving the average broker $300 a year.
Current efforts to extend the retail sales tax to real estate commissions could increase your tax burn FIVEFOLD. We oppose these efforts and continue working to protect your business.

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