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REALTOR® Dues Payment Options


Call the Association at 425.974.1011 to make a payment by phone


Pay full dues at
(available September-March only)


12410 SE 32nd St, Ste. 100
Bellevue, WA 98005

Monthly Plan

For renewing members only, available September-December
2023 Payment Plan Schedule

Online Dues Payment Instructions

To pay your dues online, visit

  1. Go to: and click “Renew” at the top left side.
  2. Click “Pay full dues at ” in the “Online” option
  3. Click on “Sign in” to enter your user name and password to sign in. If you have not used this site before, you will need to click “Register” to obtain a user name and password.
  4. Click “Pay Dues”.
  5. Click “Invoicing”.
  1. Review the itemized charges to your satisfaction. You may change your Scholarship and RPAC contribution to any amount you wish. After you make any changes, be sure to click the “Apply” icon at the bottom of the screen to lock in the changes.
  2. Click on the “Invoice Overview” icon at the bottom of the screen (print and save this! – it has important tax deductibility information).
  3. Click on “Pay Invoice” and follow the on-screen instructions. The system accepts all major credit cards as well as electronic checks and will ask you for your card type.
  4. The last screen you will see says “Checkout Counter Confirmation”. Reaching this screen will confirm the payment information provided has been successfully processed.


Seattle King County REALTORS® operates on a calendar year. Membership dues are due annually on the first day of January. Dues payments must be received no later than January 10 to avoid late fees and be granted full membership status.

On January 11, a late fee of $25 will be assessed to your dues billing. Unpaid invoices will be assessed an additional $25 on February 11th and again on March 11th, for a total of $75. Membership will be terminated for non-payment of dues on April 1.

The REALTORS® Association is a three-tiered organization. When you join at the local level you also gain membership to the state and national associations.

Do I need to pay my membership dues in full in one payment?

Dues are payable in full upon application for membership. Any partial payments received will be credited to your account, however, until the full amount is paid you are not granted full membership status.

Renewing member dues are due on January 1 each year. You may make payments but will be assessed a late fee on January 10 if the the balance is not paid in full.

SKCR offers several payment plan options for renewing members that do not incur late fees. Click HERE to view the Payment Plan Schedule. Please call 425.974.1011 with questions.

I am an assistant and do not actively list or sell, am I required to pay dues?

When your designated broker joins SKCR he/she agrees that all licensees will be invited to join as well. There are no exceptions made for licensed assistants. Non-licensed assistants are not subject to membership dues.

I only work part-time and will be out of the area for three months this year. May I pay a pro-rated dues amount?

Membership applies to all real estate licensees who hang their license in a REALTOR® office. While you may not be practicing for a certain period of time, if your license remains in an active status in a REALTOR® office, the full annual membership dues amount applies.

I plan to retire from real estate sometime this year. Will I receive a partial refund of my annual dues?

Your annual membership dues are non-refundable.

I may be changing offices in the near future. Will I be required to pay membership dues again?

Your membership dues are transferable and will ensure that you remain a REALTOR®. However, dues can only be transferred to a REALTOR® office. Therefore, it is important that you determine whether the office you are moving to is a REALTOR® office. This means an office wherein the designated broker holds membership. Your membership cannot be transferred to a non-REALTOR® office. If you elect to join a non-REALTOR® office your membership will be terminated.

I am not interested in membership. Am I obligated to join SKCR?

The designated broker in your office determines whether he/she wishes to hold membership in the REALTOR® Association. When he/she elects to hold membership, they in turn agree that all licensees in their office will be invited to join as well. We do not mandate membership, however, should you elect not to join, your designated broker will be assessed a fee for having a non-REALTOR® licensee in his/her office. We suggest you speak directly with your designated broker about REALTOR® membership.

I am transferring from another association. Do I need to pay the entire dues amount?

When transferring from another association within Washington state and your dues are current, you will only pay the local portion to SKCR. Your state and national dues will have already been paid through your former association. When transferring from another association outside of Washington state and your dues are current, you will pay only the local and state dues. National dues will have been paid through your former association.


Do you have a question on dues payments not answered above?


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