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Sign Code Updates

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September 28, 2023


The City of Woodinville is contemplating amendments to its sign code that would affect real estate signage. A staff draft would sharply limit the use of open house A-Boards from the current allowance of six down to one.

It is early in the process, and we have time to drive a solution. To that end, if you represent buyers and sellers in Woodinville, we would welcome your help in reaching out to planning commissioners and the city council to convey to the city that real estate signage is critically important. Hearing from you, Woodinville constituents, will be important and compelling to the city.

Our goal is to guard against any changes that would constrain the use of on-premises for sale signs and off-premises open house A-boards. Please contact us for more information and/or to get involved.


As reported in the last Issues and Impacts, SKCR has been working with the Carnation City Council as it considers amendments to the sign code that would address ongoing sign clutter on Tolt Avenue, through downtown Carnation.

Following outreach from SKCR and member Michael Wyman, the city has tabled the issue and will reassess whether to pursue sign code amendment in December.

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